The Global Reserve System (GRS) is a project to create a new kind of money (which has nothing to do with cryptocurrency). The global monetary system has been in sporadic decline for more than a century, leaving us with dysfunctional currencies that we tolerate for want of anything better. The global dollar is not just better; it has been designed specifically to address the main economic functions of money. Just as the base money of the US dollar is represented by the Federal Reserve Note, the base money of the global dollar is an over-the-counter security called the Global Reserve Note. In practically every respect, the global dollar will function like any other currency through the established financial system.


Founder: Michael English, BEc, BLitt (W.Aust.), MIL (Syd.), MArchSci (ANU)

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Michael English is a former Royal Australian Air Force intelligence officer (now reserve), who was last deployed as the Australian joint headquarters intelligence officer in Afghanistan in 2016. His unusually extensive education includes degrees ranging from economic history and finance to philosophy, international law, and archaeological science.

Work on the Global Reserve System began in 2017 and the project can now be found at UWA IQX in Perth, Western Australia.